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Stoptober Week 3 - Check in on the Quitters

Posted by Batsu on Oct 25th 2018

With the final days of Stoptober upon us, we wanted to check in with our buddies Jimm, Andy and Carl to see just how all of them are doing! As you have seen in their vlogs (and if you haven’t been sur … read more

Stoptober Week 2 - Quitters Overview

Posted by Gabriel on Oct 19th 2018

Stoptober is now in full swing and our friends Carl, Andy, and Jimmy are marching forward! You saw Carl and Andy’s Vlogs on our YouTube Channel and we’re here to give you another written update on the … read more

Meet the Stoptober Quitters

Oct 11th 2018

Stoptober started last week! The 28-day journey to quit smoking is certainly something you or someone you know started. Here you will get to hear some of the first week’s experiences of three friends … read more
Vape Hashtags on Instagram - 100 Hashtags You Can Use

Vape Hashtags on Instagram - 100 Hashtags You Can Use

Posted by Gabriel on Oct 9th 2018

#VapeLife is trending worldwide without losing steam! See what I did there? Vaping has grown to newer heights with the rise in several different aspects. Whether through advocacy for #VapersRights, fu … read more

How to Get Through The 1st Week Without a Cigarette

Posted by Garbriel on Oct 4th 2018

You accepted the 28 day stop smoking campaign, a.k.a. Stoptober! From Public Health England the 1st of October is your starting line, with you having quit smoking at the finish line! There, you will j … read more