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The Winner of Derf Escapes!

Posted by Batsu on Jan 7th 2019

We’ve come to the conclusion of this feathery fiasco! These dastardly Derfs have traversed all across the EU wreaking their pink brand of chaos. We asked you, the VapeWild army, to capture any sightings of these inflated terrors with the ability to win 500 Euros in VapeWild credit!

Derf was seen dancing with the stars, stealing all the best moves. We also saw Derfs trading tips with the galaxy’s best bounty hunter. Not sure what kind of tips they were getting but we hope they don’t become a flock of felons! We’ve seen them pop up from London to Lancaster, to Killarney to Cork..but in the end, one super sleuth caught one particular Derf off-guard.

So with that, we would like to congratulate amarillys_jg over on Instagram for catching a couple of Derfs in Dublin enjoying a couple brews (having a celebratory drink after leaving havoc in its wake, no doubt) in a local pub. Good on you! We hope you enjoy your reward!

Thank you to everyone who tracked the Derf Invasion and as always, Stay Wild!