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St. Patrick's Day Trivia

St. Patrick's Day Trivia

Posted by Batsu on Mar 11th 2019

Another year, another March and another awesome St. Patrick's Day celebration is upon us!

The world ‘round gets draped in green, pints of lager keep flowing, parades everywhere you look and the smiles are non-stop. In short, St. Patrick's Day is a day beloved by all but means something special to the place it all started: Ireland!

We do wonder though, how much do you know about the history and lore behind St. Patrick? It seems many people love the fanfare, but are foggy on the facts behind the man that started it all! Are you willing to put your Irish knowledge to the test and prove you’ve got the means to wear the green?

Check out our quiz down below and give it a shot! If you ace it, we promise not to pinch you TOO hard!