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Meet the Stoptober Quitters

Oct 11th 2018

Stoptober started last week! The 28-day journey to quit smoking is certainly something you or someone you know started. Here you will get to hear some of the first week’s experiences of three friends of ours that are quitting with VapeWild.EU! We are introducing to you, Carl, Andy, and Jim. Here is how their week went!

Andy’s First Week

Andy is a man that has known struggle. Recently recovered from a life-threatening attack he suffered, Andy used photography and a desire to help people to overcome his obstacles. Since his recovery from a brutal attack 10 years ago, he is now a part of the National Health Service in his native United Kingdom. Driving an Ambulance to take patients to the nearest care center, he cares for people in their critical times of need. Andy started his current vocation to give back to the community that gave him so much support during his recovery. Today, he hopes to encourage you with his first week of Stoptober story!

His first week was not without a struggle. He shared his gratitude for being contacted by VapeWild.EU about Stoptober. “Over the moon,” he said! As you’ve read, Andy is driven to help others, but took the opportunity to help himself during Stoptober with VapeWild. He received his Vape and Andy shared that he tossed away his last pack of cigarettes October first. He has not had one cigarette since that date, though he did tell us that he craved them after a few days. It was the first two days, however, that convinced him he was on the right path. He told us that he vaped through both days without much thought to smoking a cigarette. The third day, however, he did feel a strong craving.

Andy had a moment to breathe after a troubling call that saw a critical patient. Andy, feeling down from the experience craved the feeling of a cigarette, hard. Rather than taking a step back and having one, he took a walk and called his wife. His wife was wonderful and reminded him that he didn’t have to smoke. She told him, “No! You have it in you to continue, you can’t go back!” Empowered by her support, Andy took vape after vape and got through the craving! When his service was over for the day he visited a vape shop and picked up an e-Liquid with higher nicotine. He said, “This took the craving away and has done so (thus) far.”

Andy said this of his gratitude for the support he has received, “I’ve had loads of support from family and friends and mainly yourselves (VapeWild.EU). I can’t thank you guys enough!”

Jim’s First Week

Meet Jim! A blogger from the United States who has traveled the world. Spending a lot of his time in Grafenwhoehr Germany, he spoke fondly about his time at the American base there. Jim noticed a man inside a tent, all fogged out. (See where this is going?) Jim thought the man was smoking and wondered, “who this man thought he was smoking inside the tent like that” (It’s going there!) Getting closer, Jim shared, “Turns out he was vaping, chucking some enormous clouds!” You may know that traveling leads to a lot of revelations about smoking traditional cigarettes. A lot of countries do not frown on it because it is simply part of everyday life. Like top hats! Let’s bring them back! Who is with me?!

We digress. We spoke to Jim about his first week using vaping to quit smoking and told us, “I can hit the vape when I feel the urge I used to respond to with a tobacco cigarette and then go about my business.” He told us it hasn’t been too difficult to make the transition, letting you know that it can be done with a vape in your hand! Jim told us that he is quite pleased, with the winter months creeping in, that “As it starts getting to be later in the fall and into winter here, I'm sure I'll appreciate not having to go outside every few hours to smoke. It would mean having to get dressed, put shoes on, and bundle up for just a 5-minute ordeal.” Jim also spoke about how he smells better - in the sense that his nose can sniff clearer - When he takes a vape break with tobacco smokers, he shared “I do have to vape in the smoker's area at work...and I can smell the ashtray a long way off. Hate to think I might have smelled that bad before.” For Jim, it’s a matter of perspective. He acknowledges that vaping has “cautionary tales” but does affirm, “I would gladly endorse smokers to give the vaping experience a try.” Jim is looking forward to his Revenger Mini and VapeWild e-Liquid that is on its way to him! He probably has it by now. (Dramatic pause) To be continued!

Carl’s First Week

Carl is a quitter in all the right ways! He joined the Stoptober challenge with all the right tools. He nabbed himself an Aspire Zelos MTL kit and a good amount of e-Liquid to start his quitting journey. Carl and I didn’t have the time together chatting it up which is perfectly fine! Carl told me that he finds it so much easier to “take a couple of draws” on his Zelos than it is to get all the way up, and light up a cigarette. He seems to have a strong will that keeps him motivated! He certainly has all the tools to quit smoking cigarettes and is doing it well. All the best of wishes to Carl from VapeWild.EU!

We have been overjoyed with the response to Stoptober 2018! VapeWild.EU will push on with the fight to quit smoking. We will continue to chat with our three new friends, Carl, Andy and, Jimmy! Your journeys to start quitting have begun. Don’t give in to the cravings, take it from Andy. Find the ease and comfort of vaping enjoyable, like Jimmy. And keep up the charge like Carl! We fare thee well. Stay Wild!