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A Beginners Guide to Vaping

Posted by Batsu on Jan 4th 2019

So you’re new to vaping? We’ve all been there. Trying to decide what gear to buy, what nicotine strength to use and what all these different phrases mean! Well, no worries new vapers, in this blog I will guide you along the path of the vaping world so that you will be better informed as to all the ins and outs so that you can make the best choice when it comes to your vaping experience!

Guide to Vaping

Vape Lingo to get you Started

Now when it comes to vaping, we have our own lingo! These abbreviations and shorthands are used to communicate different aspects of the vaping experience from the devices we use to the liquids we vape! Here are a few of those words to get you started!

  • Tank: Tank is shorthand for a tank atomizer. This type of atomizer has pre-made coils that are installed within a glass a metal housing with a drip-tip mouthpiece at the top. These types of atomizers are able to be filled, unlike a rebuildable drip atomizer which you drip on after so many drags.
  • Vape Mod, Pod Mod or Mod: This is the device that you connect your tank to so that it can atomize the liquid inside it.
  • Sub-Ohm: this means you are vaping on a set-up whose coil’s resistance is below 1 ohm, hence the phrase “sub-ohm”. This is further explained below.
  • Watts: This is the power being pushed out from the batteries to the coils
  • E-juice, Vape Juice, E-Liquid: These are the names given for the liquid that you vape.
  • Ohms: this is a unit of resistance. The lower the resistance is, the slower the coils heat up in a given watt range compared to a coil with higher resistance.
  • MTL: this means mouth-to-lung. This term is typically used with pod mods and nic salts as they are meant to be vaped like you would smoke a cigarette, by taking the vapor into the mouth then drawing it into your lungs
  • DTL: This means direct-to-lung. This style of vaping is typical with high powered devices. In this instance you draw directly to your lungs as if you are inhaling.

What you need to get started

Now there are several things you will need to get started before you can begin your journey into vaping.

To start with you will need a mod. There are a wide variety of devices from large box mods to smaller stick mods, in the end it comes down to your personal style.

Next you’ll need an atomizer. I suggest starting with a simple tank atomizer as they are easy to set up and get you going. These tanks allow you to simply screw your coils in, fill your tank and you are off to the races.

Another thing you may need is batteries. Without these your device won’t power up and you won’t be able to enjoy your vape experience! Now I say may because your device could also be an internal battery mod. If this is the case, then this is already covered for you!

Lastly, you’ll need your e-liquid! Finding a flavour (or flavours) that you enjoy is super important. This is because no matter how cool your gear is, if you don’t find something you like then what's the point? So take your time and sample a few flavours to find the one that best suits you. I suggest thinking about the flavours of desserts, snacks and so forth that you like and see if there are any flavours that mirror that profile. If you are still unsure about what flavours would fit your palate, check out these Sample Packs to get started!

How a Vape Works

How a Vape Mod Works

So at this point you're probably wondering, well how does a vape work? Well I’ll break it down for you. A vape draws power from a source (the batteries) that are housed within the device. Now this can be either from an internal non-removable battery or removable batteries, it all depends on the type of mod you have. From there it is connected to an atomizer from the connecter at the bottom of the tank and top of the mod, called a 510 connection. After turning the device on and choosing the wattage (amount of power drawn from the battery), and making sure your atomizer is properly filled, you press the fire button. What this does is completes the circuit between the batteries and the mod to begin pushing power to your atomizer. This heats up the coil housed inside which in turn heats up the liquid. While doing all this you take a drag from your atomizer and lo and behold, you’re vaping!

Choosing your E-juice

Next, let's talk about choosing your e-juice. Now picking your flavour is a purely subjective process. We all have different palates so what one person may like, the next may find to be a little off-putting. Also you’re going to want to find the nicotine level that's right for you as well as the VG/PG ratio that you’ll find the most pleasing. In this next section I will break down all of this so that when it comes time to pick up your first bottle of e-juice, you’ll be able to do it confidently!

What is Vape Juice

Vape juice , or e-juice, is a combination of several things. First is VG which stands for Vegetable Glycerin. This is a clear thick liquid that is derived from coconut oil, palm oil or other vegetation - hence the name vegetable glycerin! This part of the e-juice doesn’t carry flavor well but creates more clouds and is very smooth. Next is Propylene Glycol. Now this liquid is used commonly as a food additive throughout the food industry. This liquid is thinner than VG, carries more flavour but produces smaller clouds and has a throatier hit. Both of these liquids are food grade and are safe for consuming.

Next we have nicotine, of course! The ratio for this is adjusted to suit your taste, and we will go into more detail about that further down in this blog. The last two things you will find in your vape juice is flavouring and sweetner to top it all off. And that is what your vape juice is made of!

Short Fills & Regular E-Juice

Now there are two ways you can receive your e-juice: short fills or e-juice. What are these? Let’s find out!

Short Fill Vs. E-Liquid

Short Fills: Short fills are bottles filled with e-liquid with the nicotine coming in a separate bottle called a nicotine shot. This nicotine will reflect the nicotine level you chose during the purchase process. You will then combine the two to have the nicotine infused e-liquid for your vaping pleasure. This is to adhere to the UK’s TPD (Tobacco Product Directive) compliance, which states that you cannot pre fill a bottle with more than 20mg of nicotine.

Regular E-Juice: Regular e-juice is when your VG, PG, nicotine, sweetener and flavouring all come pre-mixed and ready for your vaping pleasure!

Nic salts: This type of e-juice differs from its regular contemporaries in the fact that it is formulated with benzoic acid. This lowers the pH level of nicotine. What does that mean? It means you’ll be able to vape more nicotine per puff without the typical harshness that occurs. This type of e-juice is used in pod style devices and is meant to be vaped MTL.