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5 Tips for Vapers to Survive the Holidays

Posted by Batsu on Nov 26th 2018

Happy Holidays VapeWild Army! It’s that time again, that time to deal with traveling and crazy family members. But fear not! We will guide you in surviving this chaotic time without losing mind with some simple tips.

Order Early To Beat The Holiday Shipping Rush

You know it and I know it, holiday shipping is terrible. That’s why we advise to get your juice and gear early to get ahead of the postal fiasco.

While we always do our best to get your short fills out in a timely fashion, we are still at the mercy of mailing services during the most festive time of the year. You may notice a delay for a day or two but we assure you we have our team working diligently to make sure you get all the flavours and gear you crave just in time to give that most wanted holiday gift to a family member, a friend….but most likely yourself.

Now that you have all your goodies, it’s time to take a plane, train or automobile to your destination, and with that we must..

Travel Smart With Your Vape Stuff

Now, if you are traveling by car, the most you’ll have to focus on is making sure that your batteries are stored safely in a battery safe container and that your e-liquid is packed tight. Also, even though you can vape at your leisure in your vehicle, be sure to crack a window. I mean ,unless you are a fan of fogging your car windows to the point of blindness.

Now if you are traveling by plane, there are a few extra things you would want to do. Firstly, make sure all your batteries are removed from your mods and stored in battery safe containers and make sure your e-liquid amounts meet the standards set by your specific airline. If you are ever unsure, your best bet is to contact the airline you are using and find out what rules they have in place. Better safe than sorry.

Preparing For A Long Day

You already know, you aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. With that being said, be sure to pack anything and everything you have vape related that you can bring. Spare batteries charged? Check. Short fills and nic shots as far as the eye can see? Check. Gifts for the fellow vapers in the family? Double check.

As I always say : It’s better to be over prepared and not need it, than to be underprepared and be totally screwed. Especially when dealing with…

Anti-Vaping Family Members

You know EXACTLY who I’m talking about. Those family members who continue to perpetuate the well worn myths about vaping. They would sooner believe that Loch Ness is real than to believe you about the falsehoods of popcorn lung and formaldehyde.

In these situations it’s best to just nod your head and listen. Once they are done with their vaping fake news, hit them with some facts, especially from a little group called Public Health England that states that vaping is 95% safer than cigarettes and is effective in harm reduction. If that doesn’t convince them, then put on some American bigfoot documentary on Netflix and walk away. Plus after all that attempted convincing you’re sure to be hungry - just don’t gorge yourself.

The easiest way to avoid doing so is to..

Vape On Treats To Avoid Eating Treats

We get it. It’s the holidays and it’s pretty much the biggest excuse we make to eat our weight in delectable yum yums. In that, though, we end up in deep well of regret as our pants can hardly contain our gluttony.

To avoid this button-busting scenario, we advise vaping on your favourite treats! This not only helps to satisfy that sweet tooth, but you won’t pass out from a food coma and will be able to enjoy (or not enjoy) your family members for the rest of the evening!

So there you have it, 5 ways to keep from losing your mind during the holiday season. We hope this has been useful and that you are able to enjoy yourself, if even for a moment. Vape on, my friends, vape on!