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The Wild Blogger

Flavour Name Changes Incoming!

Posted by Crystal Means on Aug 10th 2018

As you know, VapeWild has always maintained the side of compliance throughout our history. Not just to preserve this industry, but also to preserve our integrity as well. To that end, we’ve … read more

Secondhand Smoke vs Secondhand Vapor

Posted by Crystal Means on May 17th 2018

When comparing vaping to smoking, there are some obvious benefits that stick out more than others. That old ashtray smell is gone, you’ve got some extra funds in your pocket, and your scientific knowl … read more

Tips for Cleaning your Vaping Hardware

Posted by VapeWild on May 3rd 2018

It’s sometimes easy to forget that your vape setup needs a good cleaning from time to time. It may not always be something you think about, but this is high-tech equipment we’re working with here, so … read more

​Top UK Vaping Events Not to Miss in 2018

Posted by Crystal Means on May 1st 2018

In recent years, the vaping industry has grown exponentially, and a great number of vaping-related events, conventions and gatherings has sprung up in the UK. If you are a vaping fan, there is n … read more

Skills Acquired as an Avid Vaper

Posted by Alex Berry on Apr 20th 2018

Taking the plunge into the vape game doesn’t take much skill, just a little bit of motivation and high hopes to lay off the stinky cigarettes. Not only that, but you’ll finally experience some real FL … read more