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The Wild Blogger

Advanced Vaping: Our Favourite Drip Tips

Jan 18th 2018

If you've been vaping for a while, you may be looking for new ways to enhance your experience or maybe even just customize the look of your vape. The good news is that vape drip tips can help with bot … read more

Vape & Food Pairings: VapeWild Staff Favourites

Posted by Zach Woosley on Dec 28th 2017

Combining food and drink to create unique pairings that delight the taste buds is a long tradition. Wine and cheese or beer and pretzels are common examples, but we're guessing that there's a good cha … read more

Three Simple Christmas Vaping Etiquette Tips

Posted by Crystal Means on Dec 14th 2017

Usually, when the holidays come round, we’re all geared up for family and friends to trudge through our lively decorated homes, enjoy all the fancy drink concoctions and eat our carefully prepared hor … read more

Which Mod Fits Your Personality?

Posted by Crystal Means on Dec 1st 2017

Probably one of the coolest parts about vaping is the hardware and how vastly different each mod is. Most beginning vapers just go for what’s aesthetically pleasing and don’t think about things like c … read more

How Airflow Affects Flavour and Vapour Output

Posted by Guest Contributor on Nov 2nd 2017

When you drink wine with dinner, you know that some are better chilled and others at room temperature. The relative temperature of the liquid affects the taste and feel of wine on your tongue. Even … read more