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Stoptober is here, VapeWild Army! What is now a massive 28 day quit smoking campaign across the UK, is becoming something of a tradition. The 28 day journey is proving to work for large groups of people who wish to quit smoking, and VapeWild is here to help! We are recruiting two of England’s finest to gear up, strap up and stand with. Interested? If you have the desire to toss your traditional cigarettes away and transition to E Cigarettes, the Stoptober challenge is the way to do it! Here is what we are on about: Together we would march Abbey Road (in vapor spirit) as we journey toward your goal - to quit smoking. Your transition to a smoke-free life will be blogged for followers as inspiration. They will get updates while you change your life, and hopefully theirs! If you are an aspiring inspirer join the masses with us!
I mean, there’s about a bajillion reasons why you should quit smoking cigarettes. One of the most notable is a return of the ability to take deep breaths. This in turn gives you more energy to go out and dance or biking or enjoy a nice Netflix marathon without feeling groggy. My personal favorite is the return of being able to taste things. After a few days your taste buds will return to form and all the foods you THINK you like will become AMAZING….so much so you may actually tone it down. From personal experience I had to actually lessen my sugar intake due to how sweet everything became.
One of the biggest points of quitting cigarettes is your sense of smell and how you smell. What do I mean by that? Well just like taste, your sense of smell comes back full force and all aromas get elevated. To add to that, you also STOP smelling like you nose-dived into an ashtray - your friends will thank you. All in all, there are so many reasons to stop smoking and to go on this journey with us - and we hope you do!
Well, why not? All jokes aside (ok well not all of them) VapeWild is more than just an e-Liquid company, we are a family. Yeah, it sounds pretty cliché - but it’s true. Our motto is “We are serious about vaping, and not much else”, and we carry that on our chest like a coat of arms. Vaping is a culture and lifestyle we embody to our core and the more people we can get to join the VapeWild Army the better.
We have so many people that have made the leap and continued down this path due to the support from the company and the community we have built. With VapeWild you aren’t alone on this road. So while any other company will sell you the products, we not only stand by our products...we stand by you and your continued success - every step of the way.

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