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SMOK Nord Ultra Portable Kit

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SMOK Nord Ultra Portable Kit

The Nord by SMOK is a versatile pod mod in a small, stylish package. While the device has many worthwhile features to geek out on, it’s really the mouthpiece that stands out. The Nord’s mouthpiece is masterfully crafted and feels like it was custom-made for your lips and your lips only. Vaping on this device is a pleasure, and its small size makes it so it’s easy to conceal and carry throughout the day. 

SMOK’s engineers managed to squeeze a highly-impressive 1100mAh battery that should last most vapers the whole day — it all depends on vapers’ habits and vaping frequency. Pressing the power button two times in quick succession will activate the LED light battery indicator, which turns from green to orange to red as the battery depletes. 

This device may look small, but the pods hold a significant 2mLs of e-juice. To fill the pod, unplug the rubber stopper and fill with your favorite e-juice or nic salt, it’s that easy. The coil, which sits below the pod, is easily removable and requires no unscrewing or much force. The pods themselves are not disposable, but the coils are. The device comes with a regular 1.4Ω coil for MTL vaping and a 0.6Ω coil for sub-ohm vaping. 

The SMOK Nord hasn’t been around for that long, but it’s already considered a classic. The Nord is ergonomically designed to perfectly fit in your hand and on your lips, and it looks good too. There are plenty of color options to choose from, and the resin panels give it a nice touch of flair that does not go unnoticed. This mod’s stainless steel and resin construction helps it stay small, lightweight, and sturdy. Apart from the outside, the Nord’s internals are not something to overlook. SMOK included several safety precautions in the Nord to make sure the device is safe to use, even for beginners. 

Whichever way you look at it, the SMOK Nord is a formidable device with great looks and industry-leading performance. What’s not to like. 

Nord Features and Specifications

  • Dimensions:
    • Height: 94mm
    • Width: 30mm
    • Depth: 18.8mm
    • Weight: 80g
  • Wattage Range: 10-15W
  • 2mL e-liquid Capacity
  • 1100mAh Battery Capacity (Built-in)
  • LED Battery Indicator
  • Ergonomic Design, Amazing Mouthpiece
  • Micro USB Port for Charging
  • Pods are Easy to Refill
  • Coils Change Out Easily
  • Single-Button Device — 5 press On/Off
  • Small, Portable
  • Colourful Resin Options

What’s in the Box

  • 1x Nord Device
  • 1x 0.6 Mesh Coil (sub-ohm)
  • 1x 1.4 Regular Coil (MTL)
  • 1x USB Cable
  • 1x User Manual