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Silver Screen Short Fill Bundle

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Silver Screen Short Fill Bundle

 Get a taste of these Oscar worthy flavours in our Silver Screen Short Fill Bundle! In this pack you’ll get 3 cinematic short fills - Brexit at Tiffany’s , The Sherbinator and Hannibal Nectar along with 3 nic shots. You might as well nominate each of these e-liquids for “Best Vapour” because they will rise to the top of your all-time greats!

Brexit At Tiffany’sThis e-Liquid is as rich as the store it’s named after. Decadent caramel toffee married with just the right blend of banana, Brexit at Tiffany’s will make your taste buds feel like a million pounds!

The Sherbinator“Vape with me if you want to live!” - or to simply taste an amazing e-liquid! The Sherbinator has come from the future to save you from mundane flavours. With a mix of yummy rainbow sherbet and citrus flavors, after you finish that bottle, you’ll be back for more!

Hannibal Nectar -Your lips will quiver once you’ve taken a drag of Hannibal Nectar! Packed with ripe peaches, oranges, melons and berries  - once you’ve burned through a bottle, you’ll be back for more saying “It puts the liquid in the tank….”.

What’s Included:

  • 1 X 60ml Brexit at Tiffany's Short Fill
  • 1 X 60ml Sherbinator Short Fill
  • 1 X 60ml Hannibal Nectar Short Fill
  • 3 X 10ml Nic Shots