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Menthol & Tobacco Flavoured eLiquids

So fresh and so clean clean. Prepare to be blown away from the cold avalanche of flavor from our Menthol Eliquids! Compliment your favorite gum or mint and keep that fresh flavor as you vape throughout the day. We also offer fruity mint flavors as well. Stay icy with these cool flavors in the Menthol line-up!

You can quit smoking, really. Now is the perfect time for you to give our Tobacco Eliquids a try! The evolution of vaping has shed some light on the major advantages over smoking. It’s a much safer and cleaner alternative. This line of juices offers flavors that emulate those of the popular tobacco products, making it that much easier to quit! Join the Vape Wild movement with these exclusive Tobacco eliquids!

There are no products listed under this category.