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Islander eLiquids

Crashing waves of flavour and the subtle ukulele strumming in the background, Islander E-Liquid will take you on a vacation to the islands. Warm sun, cool sand, and an oceanic breeze is the exact vibe this brand brings to you. Put on your shades and sun tan lotion to steep yourself in the Islander mood.

Islander E-Liquid breezes in with Hula Girl, Beach Bum, and Sun Seeker to bring you sweet, smooth blended flavours that you would enjoy while soaking in the sun. From the sparkling citrus of Sun Seeker to the creamy pina colada of Hula Girl to the pomegranate and berry spritzer of Beach Bum, these flavours are nothing short of a relaxing trip to the tropics. A perfect summer pickup, Islander E-Liquid is all you need to ride the tubular waves of flavour.