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The Wild Blogger

​Beginner's Guide to Shake N Vape eLiquid

Posted by Crystal Means on Feb 23rd 2018

Vaping has become a popular distraction from smoking for many. Some decide to start vaping because they simply don't want the risks involved in smoking, but find the habit soothing. Still, others enjo … read more

A Quick Guide to VapeWild Short Fills

Posted by Marissa Benton on Feb 21st 2018

All jokes aside, it’s a simple process to enjoy VapeWild EU’s short fill flavours! Ditch the odds and ends, short fills make life easy with just two simple products: short fill flavour and a nic shot. … read more

​A Beginner's Guide for Making Your Own E-Liquid

Feb 8th 2018

For those of you who like a good all-day vape or are just tired of dripping the same flavours over and over, it might be a good time to try making some flavours of your own. The process is fun, saves … read more

Starter Vape Kits: What We Recommend for Beginners

Posted by Unicorn Billy on Jan 25th 2018

Starter Vape Kits: What We Recommend for BeginnersAs a complete newbie, it can look like there’s an awful lot of gear needed for a vaping experience. And what about the vaping lingo? It is entirely fo … read more

Advanced Vaping: Our Favourite Drip Tips

Jan 18th 2018

If you've been vaping for a while, you may be looking for new ways to enhance your experience or maybe even just customize the look of your vape. The good news is that vape drip tips can help with bot … read more